Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Data Centers

A Peek at What's Coming

ABR has just come into possession of the cover pages and table of contents for the first official draft of the TIA-942 Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Data Centers.  This draft will one day become ANSI/CSA/EIA/TIA-942, the official U.S. and Canadian standard for data center telecom infrastructure.  The ISO is reviewing this standard and will use as the basis for the international standard for data center telecom infrastructure.  

The full draft is currently under review by members of the TIA TR-42 committees - the ones that develop the TIA-568 and TIA-569 standards.  Publication of the full draft is restricted.  We do not have it.  It will be restricted until it is available for industry ballot which will hopefully take place sometime later this year.  

Now for The Really Great News

One of the primary authors of the standard is our close associate, Jonathan Jew.  We have been partners on projects for 12 years.  Interested in having your data center cabling system designed by the absolute best in the business?  (I'm referring to Jonathan)  Give us a call at 925-872-5523 for further information or email Larry Smith at abrlarry@abrconsulting.com.  All of our designers/project managers are the best in the business.   

Link to the Draft Pages We Have

ABR is very excited to have you view the draft pages that we have.  Press the following link.  



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