The ABR Consulting Group, Inc. is a consulting and project management firm that works with CIO, IT and Facility senior management to plan, document, manage and complete business and technical projects that are important and critical elements of their strategic plan. The firm, since its inception, has specialized in all phases of planning and project management for data center, server room, network and lab relocations, campus wide-area network design and communications cabling design.  

ABR Consulting Group, Inc. was established in January, 1987 by Lawrence L. Smith, Jr., a former Vice President of Strategic Planning for Bank of America. Mr. Smith has over 29 years in the MIS/DP and data network industry as a Manager, Consultant, Analyst and Project Manager.  While at Bank of America, he participated as a key project manager in over 50 raised floor relocation projects, including a major data center and network relocation to Concord, California (300,000 sq.ft. of raised floor).

Since 1987, ABR has served as prime contractor on numerous data center, communications cabling and major network relocation projects.  The key expertise is planning and project management.  ABR is extraordinarily efficient and timely in producing architectural design documents (DDs) and construction documents (CDs) for computer rooms, network server rooms, co-location data centers, PBX rooms, communications cabling systems for large buildings and multi-building campuses as well as other high-tech environments.  ABR staff and associates serve as prime project managers to go beyond construction planning to carefully plan the migration of all computer and network systems.  (See our Customer List).  

 ABR Consulting Group, Inc. offers a wide variety of expertise in conducting major data center and network relocation projects. To do this, ABR associates with other firms that possess highly-specialized expertise to provide the client with a full range of relocation services. These firms specialize in data networks, space planning, equipment relocation and CAD-based work. 

ABR Consulting Group, Inc. is 100% Independent.  We have vast experience and we have great recommendations but we neither market nor sell any products or services other than our own consulting and project management services.  Our loyalty is to our customers. 

Contact us at  Phone:  925.872.5523