ABR Consulting Group, Inc. is a premier designer of structured communications cabling systems.  ABR has extraordinary experience in designing communications cabling systems for large buildings, multi-building campuses, data centers, high-tech server rooms, co-location data centers, labs and MAN/WAN networks.  With 15 years experience in independent design and almost 30 years in the MIS/DP/Telecom trade, very few firms can match the experience and wide-ranging skills of our staff members.  (See our Customer List)

ABR specializes in the more complex areas of communications cable design (anyone can design cable outlets for hardwall offices and cubicles).  Our specialized areas include the following:  

  • Pre-design budgeting for the telecom cabling project.  

  • Design and maintenance of the project plan for the installation of the cabling system.  Includes mapping and timing the cabling project deliverables with the major deliverables in the construction plan. 

  • Thorough and complete scopes of work for RFPs and bid documents.  Our RFPs include very detailed installation and testing instructions.  Minimizes change orders

  • Complete design of entrance facilities for fiber and copper cables.  Includes drawings where required.  Also includes the additional dimension of providing specifications for the general and electrical contractors.  

  • Complete sets of architectural drawings of all areas involved in the project complete with type of outlet required, pathways where designated and outlet numbering.  

  • Complete design of the MDFs and IDFs and all other IT labs and spaces for the project.  The larger and more complex, the more our experience shows.  Includes rack, cabinet and PBX layouts.  Includes the additional dimension of elevation drawings showing cable termination hardware and electronic equipment layouts.  

  • Onsite inspection and supervision of the cabling installation.   

ABR has all of the latest cabling standards.  We are well aware of the economics of specifying the different types and quantities of copper and fiber cables.  ABR is a member of the Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI) and keep current with their latest publications.  

Finally, and very important, ABR Consulting Group, Inc. is 100% independent.  We are independent designers and project managers with no allegiance to any cabling manufacturer or installing firm.  Our loyalty is to our customers.   ABR is highly-experienced in designing single-manufacturer structured cabling systems from the manufacturers shown below.  Other single manufacturers not shown are Nordx/CDT and Krone.  We also design multiple manufacturer structured cabling systems from Panduit, Commscope, Ortronics and dozens of other manufacturers.  For public sector projects, we design specifications that detail the performance criteria but with no reference to any manufacturer.  This keeps the RFP truly fair and impartial. 

The above information relates specifically to our communications cabling design skills and services.  We do, however, provide so much more than just communications cabling design.  Please view our web page entitled "The Total ABR Package". 

Contact us at  Phone:  925.872.5523  Fax:  916.478.2814