Questions To Captain Netstar


Question:  With the slowdown in business and the collapse of the dot coms, do you have any thoughts on were we can obtain equipment on sale or at auction?

Answer:  Try www.dovebid.com    This company has auctions


Question:  We have the opportunity to use non-plenum cable on most of our project and in the computer/server room.  However, we have some environments in the core area on each floor that will be plenum.  Since we need to go through the core areas to get to the open offices, must we use plenum-rated cable for the whole job.  

Answer:  Yes and No.  You still need plenum-rated cable inside the plenum spaces.  However, there is a work around.  Simply run overhead conduit through the plenum areas and enclose the non-plenum cable inside the conduit.  This will solve the problem and result in lower costs.  

 Question:  In a response to our firm, you indicated that you use both Autodesk's AutoCad 2000 and Microsoft's Visio Enterprise.  Have you found a way to convert one to the other?

Answer:  We can do Microsoft Visio to Autodesk AutoCad.  Simply save the Visio file as a .dwg or .dxf file.  Note, however, that the special stencils in Visio do not convert.  In many circumstances, we've resorted to creating .pdf files instead of trying to covert.  Instructions for this conversion can be found using this hyperlink - Visio to Autocad.  We've corresponded with Microsoft on this topic but we don't see any progress in solving the problems. 

Data Center Design and Construction

Question:  How Much Equipment Yard Do I Need For My Data Center?

Answer:  On data centers that are 10,000 sq.ft. and above, you need roughly 1 sq.ft. of equipment yard for every 2 sq.ft. of data center spaces (includes NOC, printer areas, etc.)

Question:  How Much Equipment Yard Do I Need For My Data Center?

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